With the sensitivity of a master, Angele invites us into the inner world she inhabits. With her brush dancing, she takes us on journeys into light, color, and line opening meaning for each one to discover. Willingly we step into wonder as we follow the path she sets for us. WindEagle

Welcome to my Atelier

As a young child I remember painting magic carpets, taking me to a World of Peace. I was born into a family of constructors, sculptors and artists, my search for Balance & Beauty runs in my veins.

In buddhist tradition we believe we choose a path before birth. My path has taken me to amazing places and to many forms of Art.

I welcome you to have a look and become part of this adventure!.

Art is for people,
art is a prayer,
art is an expression of life.

Joint Projects

This is one of my greatist passions, to work for a commomn project. Becouse I know the power of creativety is amplified this way.

Love to hear your project

Original Art Work

Welcome to the updated exhibition of Art treasure on Sale:


  • Green Tara
  • Basket of Hope
  • Flames of October
  • Voices of the Forest
  • Poem of the Bell Tower

Limited Editions

A way of offering something unic and exclusively made by hand spacialy for you

An Original Ink painted Deity for you or for a loved one.

A way of offering something unic and exclusively made by hand spacialy for you, Evoking the atributes of our deities. For me it is as if part of the invisible world to our eyes takes form in each brush stroke calling forth the various qualities and atributes of a divine form.

Currently working on

Green Tara

The Green Tara was my first Tankha painting which I started after completing two years of practise. I worked on this painting continuously for a period of five months.

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The Big Yellow Budha

I am happy and honored to share this project with you, “The Yellow Big Buddha” or as I call it, the Buddha of pased, present and future. I also name it the 3000 hours Buddha as it is a high detail miniature painting that requires as much dedication.