In 2012 I moved back to my roots in Spain and have dedicated my time to my family and family busyness. Now the time has come to dedicate time to my self. After two years of  hard work I finally have my own space, my atelier. My website accompanies this great moment.

My Heart is ready to heal, my heart is ready to paint and forget it´s old ways that are not needed now, and to remember how I am. This is a new way for me; to write, to film and to expose my art to you. This process is helping me remember my story. I feel grate gratitude to be here and I would like to say thank to my husband, children and all the amazing teachers that I have found on my path. 

Respecting the balance between contemplation & action, holding all of the parts, in this creative process.

I have discovered that I can paint anything I choose, so here I am listening…

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