I am happy and honoured to share this project with you, “The Big Yellow Buddha” or as I call it, the Buddha of past, present, and future. I also name The Big Yellow Buddha the “3000 hours Buddha” because high miniature detail on a large canvas requires this much dedication.

This Thangka is on handmade flexible cotton canvas of 95cm width by 130cm height (37.5 x 51 inches) exactly as it was produced back in the 13th century in Tibet. It will be painted with natural pigments (earth and semi-precious stones as well as gold). It is believed the proportions and materials of Thangkas elevate the seeker and seeker´s practice to function as a link between mortals and the divine.
I dream of this painting with all the wise and luminous beings holding the enlightened one, emanating rays of peace and love to all beings.

When the project starts very weekday I prepare the materials needed in my atelier and create an inner space of calm and receptivity to the present moment (meditation practice).

I am actively looking for doners, patrons to be able to carry out this amaizing painting of the enlightened one reflecting our own enlightment.
I am looking forward to sharing this adventure and daily practice with you.

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