Natural Pigment Painting

Green Tara

Year:  1997
Size: 30 cm L x 40 cm H
Material: Natural pigment on handmade cotton canvas, framed with a grayish turquoise wooden frame.
Location: Caceres – Spain

The Legend says that when Avalokiteshvara, ¨the great compassionate ¨ looked upon Earth, he wept as he saw all the suffering and out of his tears emerged the White Tara representing longevity and the Green Tara representing compassion in action

The Green Tara tankha is at present in the temple building of Lalita, Acebo, Sierra de Gata in Spain.

Read more about the beatifull story and preservation of this traditional technique behind this painting.

Universal Mother

Year:  2000
Size: 25 cm L x 40 cm H
Material: Natural pigment on cotton canvas.
Location: Private Collection in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Haidakhandeshmari Ma is the all encompassing form of Divine Mother, (Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati) This is the 3rd image created of her specific form and attrubutes.

Mother of the Universe, her devine task is to deliver abundante and liberation to her children on Earth.

The crescent moon on the forehead of Haidakhandeshwari Ma is symbolic of Shiva as one of the names of Shiva is Chandrasekhar (one who holds the moon on his forehead).This is symbolic of Mahakali who is also called Mahamaya-the grand Illusionist. Maya or Illusion is a phenomenon where what seems or appears is not a reality. One example would be a flowing river which appears to be same but in reality it changes all the time. This is the same delusion where we think our bodies are same today as it was yesterday but again every moment cells are dying and new cells are being born. It is through the Grace of Mahamaya that we can overcome our delusions on this earth and understand our true nature.

Blue Persian Lady

Year: 1997
Size: 25 cm L x 19 cm H
Material: Natural pigment on canvas
Location: Private collection in Totnes – UK

Miniature detail of a sensual women laying on pillows, watching the light of a candle. Surrounded by nature. This painting is to honour all the important Women in my life that Knowing and unknowing created the women I am now. This painting is a gift to my mother to thank her for always being there and showing the way by her example.
For me this painting represent 7 great mother archetypes, I will only paint 6 more of this painting. It is a limited edition of original painting.
Once your order is placed you will receive your painting within a maximum of 2 months.

 Asian Landscape

Year: 2002
Size: 13 cm L x 17 cm H
Material: Natural pigment base & watercolor, ink on paper
Location: Private collection, Madrid, Spain

Soft earthy delicate layers of impressions going further and further in to a misty landscape. A lake with golden ripples and white ducks, fog in the trees. a river disappears into the background.  An amazing waterfall in a clearing with the outline of the mountains, more mountains fade into the golden sky.

Wedding Swans

Year: 1997
Size: 9,5 cm L x 7 cm H
Material: Natural Pigment on Paper
Location: Private collection in Totnes – UK

Colourful detailed miniature male and female figure on beautiful elegant swans, representing suprime tantric love. Representing Harmony between of plants kingdom, animal kingdom and Humans.

For me this represents the beatiful love story with my actual husband to whom I offered this minature painting on his first marridge in 1997. It represents the marrige of art, music and Knowledge surranded by delicate nature.

Persian Prince

Year: 2001
Size: 7 cm L x 20 cm H
Material: Natural pigment, gouache on canvas on frame.
Location: Private collection, Paris , France

Miniature of a Persian prince walking in Nature with an apple in his hand. The plants and clouds are painted with real gold. Fine figure wearing an intense Blue cape with gold prints, bright red tunic and a white turban and belt. I imagine him
reflecting on Rumi ́s love poems.

Parnashavari Buddhist Deity

Year: 2001
Size: 14cm L x 15 cm H
Material: Natural pigment and animal glue on cotton canvas
Location: Private collection, Paris , France

The Semi-peaceful female Buddhist Deity who combats epidemics with her 3 heads, 6 arms, Bow & Arrow.

Slightly smiling and slightly wrathful, the right face is white with a calm expression. The left face is red with an expression of desire. The first right & left hand holds a beautiful New leaf at the heart level; second left and right arms are in peaceful gestures. Third arms are holding a brandishing arrow on the left side a bow on the right side. Having a lower garment of red cloth of divine material. In the background many flowers and fruit. With long hair in a tuft, bound upward by a jeweled and in the prime of youth; the body is very beautiful, dexterous.

Oil Painting

Portrait of a Beautiful Women

Year: 2019
Size: 30 cm L x 45 cm H
Material: oils on cotton canvas
Location: Private collection in Bali

The woman is shown in profile but with her bust turned in three-quarter view to reveal a medallion she is wearing around her neck, in which you will perceive the sihouette of a dancing figure.

This portrait brings me to Florence and Venice, the meeting with so much art intensity.

Inspired by the “Portrait of a Young Woman” painted by the Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli, executed between 1480 and 1485. This painting is described as to be an ideally beautiful young woman mythologised as a nymph or goddess, The art historian Aby Warburg first suggested the painting was an idealised portrait of Simonetta Vespucci. Nicknamed la bella Simonetta, she was an Italian noblewoman from Genoa, the wife of Marco Vespucci of Florence and the cousin-in-law of Amerigo Vespucci. She was known as the greatest beauty of her age in Italy,

I painted this piece in memory of my cousin, Veronique Azan, great kathak dancer. She is dancing with all her powerful grace in the medallón of this idealised portrait. This portrait of Botticeli reminds me of all the amazingly beautiful women in my life. It is kept in Bali in the hands of a very special person.

Basket of Hope

Year: 2020
Size: 64 cm L x 45cm H
Material: oils on cotton canvas
Location:  Cáceres – Spain

One of the most beautiful still life I have ever seen. It was painted by Caravaggio. A basket of ripe fruits on the edge of a red table, allowing time to pass through.
I admire the beauty of all the small details, the rich shades of different colors, the contrast of dark and light, old and new, fresh and stale. For me it symbolizes the time we are all living in at this present moment.


Flaming of October

Year:  2020
Size: 50 cm L x 50 cm H
Material: Oils on cotton canvas
Location: Caceres – Spain

My version of ´Flaming of June` is somewhat miniaturized as my painting is less then half the size of the original. For me this painting is my window to dreaming. Remembering the being, inviting me to look inside and accept all there is. I am so attracted to this woman enveloped in Indian yellows….. it takes me to summer when I am in winter.

Flaming June is a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton, produced in 1895. Painted with oil paints on a 120cm × 120cm (47-by-47-inch) square canvas, it is widely considered to be Leighton’s magnum opus, showing his classicist nature. It is thought that the woman portrayed alludes to the figures of sleeping nymphs and naiads the Greeks often sculpted. This painting takes me to the time when I discovered the Pre-Raphaelite beauty at the Tate Museum. I was impressed and felt the beauty of my ancestors. Please contact me for any other information or questions.

Other Painting Techniques

Father´s Timeless Portrait

Year: 2017
Size: 50 cm L x 50 cm H
Material: Pencil on Paper
Location: Lalita Devi Retreat Center, Caceres, Spain.

My Father, Philippe Camus is a great inspiration for me and helped me believe that all that I can imagine is possible, for example to be able to draw a hyperrealism drawing of his portrait.

We always lived in Nature and simplicity in wild parts of Spain, but every now and then my father would take us to Paris, gather with the family and we would always go to the Louvre, walking all its corridors remembering our ancestors, recognising beauty in silence. It was a great party time!

This portrait with just a pencil, made after he passed away in March 2015, from a beautiful photo my brother, Santiago Camus took.

Himalayan Horseman

Year: 2005
Size: 24 cm L x 18 cm H
Material:  Indian ink & pencil on canvas framed, no outer frame.
Location: Private collection, Madrid, Spain.

Very fine shades of Indian ink of a dynamic stylized hose following a Himalayan houseman.
The inspiration for this painting  comes from trekking adventures with my family in Ladakh, sometimes called “Little Tibet¨f because or its geological appearance and indigenous culture. Ladakh is inhabited by a population of Indo-aryan and Tibetan decent. This is one of the least populated area in Kashmir, India. After a long day off walk, our horses would be completely set free all night and before dawn the horsemen would go out in search of them. I was impressed with this way. We spent a month walking in one of the most beautiful lands I have ever seen, no cars, no truck, no trains. Just open space and occasionally we would pass a party of nomads.

Angels of the Forest

Year:  2000
Size: 300 cm L x 200 cm H
Material: Acrilic and Guach on cotton canvas, framed with a metal bar up and down to be able able to suspend and transport easily.
Location: Caceres – Spain

Exposed in the “Museo de Los Angeles” by Lucía Bosé.

This Painting is directly inspired by the forest of Lalita in Sierra de Gata. It talks about the Balance of all the different beings in the same ecosphere, and how they all need each other to exist, some in the dark and others in the light …they breath magic from the ocean to the Forest spring into us.. Expressing harmony of the whole like fireflies in the night they light the way so that we can see where we belong.