Blue Persian Lady


Title: Miniature Blue Persian Lady
Format: 25 cm L x 19 cm H
Material: Natural pigment on canvas unframed.

You will receive your painting on a canvas, unframed so you may choose according to you decoration.
This painting will be numbered & signed on the reverse. I will only paint 6 more of this painting so this is an extremely limited painted edition.
Bare in mind that under order I will start painting for you, this means that delivery time may take between 20 to 60 days.
Please contact me for more information & confirmation on delivery date.

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Miniature detail of a sensual women laying on pillows, watching the light of a candle. Surrounded by nature. This painting is to honour all the important Women in my life that Knowing and unknowing created the women I am now.

This painting is a gift to my mother to thank her for always being there and showing the way by her example.
For me this painting represent 7 great mother archetypes, I will only paint 6 more of this painting. It is a limited edition of original painting.
Once your order is placed you will receive your painting within a maximum of 2 months.

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