Basket of Hope



Title: Basket of Hope
Size: 64 cm L x 45cm H
Material: Oils on canvas
Year: 2019
Location: Cáceres – Spain


One of the most beautiful still life I have ever seen. It was painted by Caravaggio. A basket of ripe fruits on the edge of a red table, allowing time to pass through.
I admire the beauty of all the small details, the rich shades of different colors, the contrast of dark and light, old and new, fresh and stale. For me it symbolizes the time we are all living in at this present moment.
I painted this painting as prayer for insight accepting the stillnessI, taking my time to really slow down. Time to look at what is important in my life. Time to stop as I was painting this at the time of lock down, March 2020.

You will receive this painting on canvas unframed. Your painting will be unique and signed on the reverse.
I can add a dedication. Delivery time will only depend on transport time.
Transport and insurance are included.
Please contact me for more information.

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As I was almost finishing this detail copy of Caravaggio´s masterpiece I attended freedom of movement in the thousands brush strokes of the background creating movement and mystery. I experienced happy moments of letting the paint brush flow with very subtile shades of multicolored waves, that can be seen only if you are close enough. Had a feeling that something new was coming up.

I would be happy to give you any more information, please contact me.