Himalayan Horseman


Title: Miniature Himalayan Horse man

Size: 24cm L x 18cm H

Material: Indian ink & pencil on canvas framed, no outer frame.

This is meditative art work evoking the attributes of these particular deities.
For me it is as if part of the world invisible to our eyes takes form in each brush stroke calling forth the various qualities of the divine form chosen by you. It is a beautiful way of offering something unique to a loved one.
Please remember that once ordered I will start painting for you, this means that delivery time may take 12 days. 
You will receive your prayer painting numbered and signed on the reverse with this sentence “Beauty in movement bringing forth the power to follow your heart and choices”



Very fine shades of Indian ink of a dynamic stylized hose following a Himalayan houseman.
The inspiration for this painting  comes from trekking adventures with my family in Ladakh, sometimes called “Little Tibet¨f because or its geological appearance and indigenous culture. Ladakh is inhabited by a population of Indo-aryan and Tibetan decent. This is one of the least populated area in Kashmir, India. After a long day off walk, our horses would be completely set free all night and before dawn the horsemen would go out in search of them. I was impressed with this way. We spent a month walking in one of the most beautiful lands I have ever seen, no cars, no truck, no trains. Just open space and occasionally we would pass a party of nomads.

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