Vajrayogini or Dakini


Title: Vajrayogini or Dakini

Size: 10cm x 10cm hight + 5cm white border

Material: Indian Ink on paper. Unframed.

This is meditative art work evoking the attributes of these particular deities.
For me it is as if part of the world invisible to our eyes takes form in each brush stroke calling forth the various qualities of the divine form chosen by you. It is a beautiful way of offering something unique to a loved one.
Please remember that once ordered I will start painting for you, this means that delivery time may take 12 days. 
You will receive your prayer painting numbered and signed on the reverse with this sentence “Her nakedness represents the nature of your mind and her dance the movement of consciousness through you towards transformation”



Semi – Peaceful Deity normally red in colour with one face, three eyes and two hands, the left hand is holding a white skullcup from which she drinks and on her shoulder rests a vajra tipped katvanga staff. The right hand is extended downward holding a curved knife with a gold vajra handle. She is adorned with a tiara of skulls, various bone ornaments, girdle, bracelets and a necklace of freshly severed heads. She stands on top in a power position with pristine awareness.

The Vajra knife is a symbol of the wisdom of discrimination which cuts through the net of erroneous views and ignorance while the text of the Perfection of Wisdom represents the purified knowledge which replaces the mistaken notions of the ego which are responsible for the presence of suffering.

She is known in Tibet as the Passing through Dancer of the sky, her nakedness represents the nature of her mind and her dance the movement of consciousness towards transformation.

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